iPhone 14: Leaked Images Show Screen Without Notch and Many New Features


iPhone 14: Next Tuesday (14), Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone 13 line of cell phones. However, this Wednesday (8), the Front Page Tech channel on YouTube revealed the first details of the iPhone 14, which should only be revealed in 2022. The video, which cites information received in secrecy, also shows the possible look of the cell phone based on 3D renderings.

The publication points out that the supposed iPhone 14 will bring back visual aspects that are even closer to the iPhone 4. If in the iPhone 12 the cell phone lines returned to adopting a flatter format, the next one will follow the trend, says the channel. In addition, it is mentioned that the sides of the new device must be in titanium.

Another important detail in the disclosure is on the back. Instead of an embossed square for the cameras, the new generation will supposedly keep the sensors aligned with the glass. On screen, as shown in the images, the iPhone 14 should no longer use the cutout (notch) and will adopt only one hole for the front camera. However, Face ID will remain on the device, but this time under the screen.

Based on iPhone 14 Pro Max

According to the material, the renderings are based on a real model of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The launch of an iPhone without the screen cropping, introduced in the iPhone X, is expected in 2022 as well by market analysts and cited in other leaks. According to the video, the next iPhone is also expected to maintain the default Lightning input.

The information disclosed by the channel appears more than a year before the presentation of the supposed iPhone 14 line. Thus, in addition to being considered a rumor, the news can be modified during the course of the project. Next week, however, we should already officially meet the iPhone 13 line and potential other products.


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