iPhone 14 Launch on September 7: Apple event confirmed


Apple has set a release date for its latest iPhone. It is expected that the new device will be called iPhone 14. It includes a constantly on display. It will be presented on September 7 at 10:00 Pacific time. Rumors suggest that the new iPhone lineup will cancel the Mini in favor of the new Max model, joining the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, and possibly raise the price by about $100 over the past year. Apple may also have plans to cut the notch for the iPhone 14 in favor of the Pillhole front camera, at least for Pro models.

In addition to the iPhone 14, Apple may also use this event to detect the Apple Watch Series 8, which will be similar to last year’s model, but will have more health features such as a temperature sensor, in addition to improving durability.

The tech giant has invited the press to its headquarters at Apple Park in California to attend the event, although it will also present Stream live at Apple.com and other broadcasting services. As usual, Apple didn’t say much in its invitation about the upcoming iPhone event. The invitation appears to show the Apple logo in the night sky, indicating possible camera improvements or rumors of last year’s emergency calls via satellite. The image is similar to what we could see from the James Webb Space Telescope file, whose photos are stunning. We’ve already started to change the way we see the universe since it was first launched earlier this summer. In its announcement, Apple included “visiting” teasers.

New features for the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8 may help Apple stand out among Samsung and other device manufacturers during the competition expected this year. People were cutting back on their technology purchases, which led to a sudden drop in sales from chip maker Intel, in addition to the sudden absence of Alphabet And the Parent ads on Facebook Meta. And they are not alone.

Our collective confidence in the economy has plummeted due to the ongoing mixed coronavirus pandemic, persistent inflation and the looming recession. A survey conducted by the University of Michigan found that consumer confidence is at its lowest level in at least 70 years.

This means that Apple will have to fight harder to win over new iPhone owners. For its part, Samsung has made Apple’s work a little easier by announcing earlier this month its flagships Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 with standard prices of $1800 and $ 1000, respectively. It has also raised the prices of its Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro products by $30 apiece.

Apple is not acting alarmingly yet. Over the past two years, Apple has made great strides. The greatest income and profit. Every holiday shopping season, mainly due to the iPhone 13. The popularity of the iPhone 12 in 2021 and 2020. Software is the reason why people keep choosing the iPhone. But he also said that 5G, the ultra-fast wireless technology that Apple started using two years ago, is likely to make it pay more people to upgrade.

“5G has given an acceleration,” he said, speaking to investors on a conference call last month. He added that although the technology has spread in some countries, such as China, the European Union and the United States, other parts of the world have not started using it to the same extent. According to him, with the expansion of the 5G network, “I think there are grounds for optimism.”

Although the iPhone will be the main product we’ll see at Apple’s event this year, and it’s probably what most people will focus on, the company expected it to have other devices to show off. These include new Mac computers with updated chipsets and new iPads.


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