iPhone 14: is Apple canceling a popular variant?


The appearance of the iPhone 14 is already being hotly debated after the release of the iPhone 13. Apple insider Mark Gurman believes he knows explosive details.

As early as the beginning of September 2021, the first rumors flared up about the new design of the iPhone 14. As industry insider Jon Prosser stated, Apple will remove some of the disruptive factors in the current models. For example, the notch at the top of the screen softens to a hole the size of the camera lens and sensors for face recognition are supposed to move Apple behind the touch display for the 14th generation of the iPhone. According to Prosser, the main camera will also be fully integrated into the smartphone frame – this would finally straighten the annoying camera hump on the back of the iPhone.

iPhone 14 only in large?

Now Bloomberg journalist and Apple insider Mark Gurman, who correctly predicted the announcement of a new entry-level iPad model before the last Apple event, confirms Prosser’s statements. The slight design difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 suggests that Apple is working in the background on major changes, Gurman speculates – and believes he knows which ones are. As can be seen from its Bloomberg newsletter “Power On”, Apple probably does without the inexpensive mini version of the iPhone 14. So will the next Apple smartphone only appear in three versions?


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