iPhone 13 would have screen without notch


The iPhone 13 may inherit some features of the iPhone 12, but Apple must make changes to the design of the next generation of smartphones. According to informant Mauri QHD, Apple is rumored to be testing new screens without notches.

Depending on the source, the models would not have the typical notches, or notch, on the screen to house the front camera and sensors. Despite the possibility of a wider screen, the devices should have slightly larger edges in the four corners.

Famous for bringing news about Apple, Mauri QHD comments that the company is testing several prototypes with the notched display. Then, the models of the iPhone 13 line would present this novelty in 2021.

However, he points out that engineers are undecided about certain aspects of the screen. In addition to the larger edges, the device must have a thicker body than usual to be able to incorporate a battery of greater durability.

Thus, the “definitive version” of the display without notch should appear only on the supposed iPhone 14. Following Apple’s launch schedule, it would be expected to be launched in 2022.

iPhone 13 as bigger battery

As said, it is rumored that the iPhone 13 will also have a bigger battery than the previous generation. This would be a way to compensate for the high consumption of the 5G modem and the 120 Hz screen that should be present in the Pro and Pro Max versions.

Other unofficial information indicates that the smartphone will use a completely wireless and ultra-fast charging system. Supposedly, the device would not even have inputs for the connection with a power cable.

So far, Apple has not commented on the possible new features of the iPhone 13. However, it is still too early for the company to announce the news of the next generation of the cell phone line with more than 1 billion active devices.


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