iPhone 13 Without Charger Slot: Rumor Intrigues Users


With the supposed release of the iPhone 13 coming up, Apple fans have been increasingly eager to check out what’s new. This Tuesday (31), rumors about the new device returned to circulate on social networks and, this time, rumors about the absence of charger input caught the attention of users.

iPhone without charger jack?

In 2019, rumors about the unusual novelty circulated on the internet thanks to a note released by MacRumors. In it, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo supposedly suggested that upcoming iPhones would offer a “all-wireless experience.” That is, there would be no input for headphones or charger, and everything would be done via wireless connections.

In recent days, however, the news has regained traction with new information on the leaker Max Weinbach. According to him, Apple is investing in wireless and reverse charging, allowing the phone to be charged only by induction, made possible by a set of magnets located on the back of the device — the MagSafe.

Change of plans

On the other hand, the information diverges between the sources related to the subject. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in a note also accessed by MacRumors, says Apple is not yet to introduce any device without input this year. “Right now, the MagSafe ecosystem [magnet induction charging] isn’t mature enough, so the iPhone will continue to use the Lightning input,” the note read.

So, what would you think of the change?


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