IPhone 13 Will Come With 1 TB Storage Option, Allegedly

Private investment firm Wedbush announced that Apple will offer up to 1TB of storage space in the iPhone 13 family. The claim made by another source in the past will be a first for Apple if it comes true.

US-based technology giant Apple has been working on new iPhone models for a while. The company has not made an official statement about the upcoming flagship phones so far, but the pool of leaks continues to fill. This time, the news suggests that Apple could sign a first for the company in the iPhone 13 family.

Wedbush, a private investment firm operating in the US, has released a new report on Apple. The published report reveals that the iPhone 13 models, which are likely to be announced in September, will offer 1 TB of storage for the first time in Apple history. Wedbush analysts attribute this leak to resources in the supply chain.

The largest storage space ever seen on an iPhone was 512 GB.

Apple already offers a 1 TB storage option on its iPad Pro models. But when it comes to iPhones, the situation changes a little. Because Apple has not exceeded 512 GB so far. However, this situation seems to change by 2021. The fact that Front Page Tech, as well as Wedbush analysts, recently made similar statements reveals that the allegations are strong.

Nothing is clear about the iPhone 13 family. It seems that even the name of this smartphone family will be “iPhone 12S”, it seems that it is necessary to wait for more precise information. If you want to take a look at our comprehensive iPhone 13 content, where we have compiled all the information obtained so far and wrote our price expectation, you can use the link here.



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