iPhone 13 Will Bring Big Camera Enhancements, New Rumor Says


iPhone 13: A new report released by Bloomberg on Tuesday (10) states that the iPhone 13 will receive a massive camera upgrade in the form of ProRes video recording, as well as a new Portrait video feature and a new filtering system. These features are seen as the biggest differentiators over the iPhone 12.

The addition of ProRes video recording will allow high quality images to be captured from the iPhone. The format is used by professional filmmakers and consumes more storage capacity than standard video, but still manages to preserve image quality while reducing size compared to raw video.

The video recording function in portrait mode will allow users to capture videos with a bokeh effect, allowing you to highlight the protagonist with a depth sensor to create images with a blurred background. Until then, the function was exclusively for photos.

A new filter-like system will help users improve the color and appearance of the photos they take. The tool will likely use artificial intelligence to apply desired changes to objects and subjects within a photograph, without altering the rest of the image.

Smaller notch and 120 Hz screen

The iPhone 13 is expected to be announced by Apple in September and will feature more modest updates. In 2020, the iPhone’s design and hardware were updated and the 5G wireless network was added. For this year, the same device sizes with 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches and Pro screen dimensions of 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches will be maintained, as well as their designs.

The new iPhones will have a faster A15 chip and a smaller screen notch. Also, a new screen technology that should allow a 120 Hz refresh rate, which promises to be faster and deliver smoother scrolling.

So far, however, Apple has not officially commented on the matter. With that, all information must be considered rumors.


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