iPhone 13: Users Complain About Crashes And Screen That Turns Purple


Several iPhone 13 model owners have taken to Apple’s support forums and social media to report a common issue. According to the website 9to5Mac, the apparently random failure causes the device to crash and automatically restart – also showing a change in the color of the screen, which becomes pink or purple.

Other reports indicate that this error is also associated with problems in battery life and GPS operation.

The first complaints date back to November 2021, and some of these early consumers even managed to receive a new iPhone 13 unit from technical support.

How to solve?

Apparently, the fault is in software rather than hardware, which means it can be fixed more easily through a system update. This conclusion is possible by noting that, in the photos taken by users, some elements of status and mobile notifications remain in the traditional color.

At least for now, Apple has not confirmed that it is working on a patch that works directly against this problem, nor has it detailed which applications are causing the incompatibility.

The screen in different color, but with icons and status appearing normally.