iPhone 13: These Could Be The Prices Of Its Versions


iPhone 13: The iPhone is one of the most interesting smartphones of the year. In the bitten apple we always find a high-end and superior terminal given the characteristics that each one has. But of course, as you go up the range, the characteristics and the price of the terminal increase. This shows in your pocket and if you are one of those who are interested in buying the new Apple device, this leak of the iPhone 13 prices may give you an idea of ​​what you will have to pay.

IPhone 13 prices leaked

Whenever you are looking for the renewal of a device that you use often, you look at the prices. And is that everyone worries about what things cost, especially in these times. But we are not going to talk about day-to-day issues, but about what it will cost a user to renew his phone if he is thinking of buying the latest from Apple. It has not come out yet, but it seems that the price of the iPhone 13 has already been leaked.

As we said, there is still a lot to know the cost of the Apple terminal, but we already get an idea of ​​what they can cost. We start from the basis that we will have four versions: the mini, the standard, the Pro and the Pro Max. In this order we talk about the cheapest options to the least as we have seen on other occasions. And is that the cheapest version of the iPhone 13 stays at about 700 euros with the Mini version of 64 GB of internal space.

This is another thing that must always be taken into account and that is that not only the version matters, but also the configuration of the space. That is why we break down what each one costs taking into account the space offered by the bitten apple:

iPhone 13 Mini: 64GB for $ 700, 128GB will cost $ 750, and 256GB for $ 850.

iPhone 13: 64GB for $ 800, 128GB for $ 850, and 256GB for $ 950.

iPhone 13 Pro: 128GB for $ 1,050, 256GB for about $ 1,150, 512GB for about $ 1,350, and the 1TB version for $ 1,500.

iPhone 13 Pro Max: this is the top model of the firm and it also reaches the four digits. We are talking about a 128 GB terminal for $ 1,150, 128 GB for $ 1,250, 512 GB for $ 1,450 and as a final 1TB for $ 1,600.

The safest thing is that the firm, as it has done in previous years, will deploy a renewed plan to face the cost of these devices, but for that we have to wait until the day of the presentation.


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