IPhone 13, The Camera System Of The Series New Claim


iPhone 13 camera system: With the new iPhone lineup, Apple can take control of camera innovation again. According to the news of DigiTimes, the company will increase the use of voice coil motor (VCM) in the cameras of its new iPhones. Increasing demand for VCM points to more advanced 3D sensors and high-end camera modules for the iPhone 13 series.

In the news of DigiTimes, it was stated that VCM suppliers in Taiwan expect high volume orders from Apple from this month. The same sources also stated that the effect of the decrease in Huawei’s orders can be reduced thanks to Apple. Huawei’s device release schedule, which is experiencing troubled times due to the sanctions imposed by the USA, is also sagging.

The news includes information that Apple is asking VCM component manufacturers to increase their production capacity by 30 to 40 percent to meet its demand. Sources also state that shipments to Apple may reach a level equal to the sum of all Android manufacturers as of July.

Although this claim may sound a bit exaggerated at first, when you think about it, it becomes more plausible. It seems logical for Apple to request larger volumes for VCMs used in higher-end devices. It should not be forgotten that Apple is ahead of Android manufacturers in the high-end device market.

September is marked for the introduction of the iPhone 13 series. It will not be a surprise that new news and rumors about new iPhones will come to the fore in the coming period.


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