iPhone 13: Smaller Face ID Will Take Up Less Screen Space, Says Rumor


iPhone 13: According to information from DigiTimes, Apple should use a significantly smaller processor for the Face ID scanner on the iPhone 13, taking up less screen space on the brand’s next line of devices.

According to the publication’s sources, the size of the VCSEL chips will be up to 50% smaller than the previous ones. In addition to being present in the new iPhones, it is supposed to be applied to the iPad models that will be launched in 2021.

Apparently, reducing the scanner will also lower production costs. In addition to freeing up more internal space on the device, the redesigned VCSEL chip can integrate new functions into the component.

The information supports the strong rumors that the iPhone 13 would have a smaller notch or even extinguish the screen cutout. However, this was never directly related to the possibility of a smaller processor for Face ID.

Previously, DigiTimes linked the reduction of notch to the reformulation of the front camera module. Barclays analysts reinforced the theory indicating that the model will have a “more structured version of the integrated light system”.

Launch of the iPhone 13

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 13 models at a virtual event in September. In addition to the basic and Pro versions, the manufacturer must include the Mini variant due to the good sales of the smaller edition of the iPhone 12.

However, analysts speculate the possibility of delays in the launch of iPhones in 2021. Thus, the basic models would arrive in stores still in September, while the Pro and Pro Max versions would be available only at the end of the year.


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