iPhone 13 should bring less notches for Face ID upgrade


The Taiwanese publication DigiTimes has just shared some more interesting news about the upcoming iPhone 13 series, this time, reinforcing the arrival of smaller notches on apple phones.

This would be possible due to an upgrade to the Face ID system, which must undergo design adaptations, shipping a 6P lens instead of the current 5P. The new design should allow the Rx, Tx and the illuminator modules to be all included in the same sensor, taking up much less space.

In addition to assisting with the reduction of nuisance notch, the updated Face ID may also be able to deliver an even better user experience. It is not the first time that rumors about the reduction in the iPhone’s notch have emerged on the web. Ming-Chi Kuo has been talking about this for some time since last year.

In addition, the iPhone 13 line should also be provided with optical stabilization with sensor displacement, which should significantly improve the quality of the footage.

The feature in question is currently only present in the most expensive model in the line, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, however, it should be made available even in the next generation entry options.

Speaking of which, it may be that the devices end up being sold as iPhone 12s and variants, seeing that the number 13 is not very well seen in some cultures and also taking into account that this year we would only have incremental upgrades.

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