iPhone 13: Satellite Calls Will Work in Few Countries


The LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite communication system, which is due to launch on the iPhone 13, will only be available in certain markets. The information was published by Bloomberg this Sunday (5). The feature is expected to work “only in areas without cellular coverage”, and Apple is still considering deploying “its own set of satellites” in the future.

Expectations about the arrival of the resource have been increasing since the end of August. The initial speculation was that the cell phone would, in fact, make calls, even in areas without coverage. However, with new details emerging, it has been said that the feature should only work on emergency calls.

According to the new report, Apple could also integrate its own satellite emergency messaging service. Thus, users could use the Messaging app to contact emergency services or nearby contacts, even if there is no cell signal nearby.

In addition, the publication points out that the Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to be announced with the iPhone 13, but that the watch faces production issues. Thus, despite maintaining the announcement date, Apple may limit the number of watches available on the market. The announcement event of the new iPhone 13 line is expected to take place later this September.


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