iPhone 13: Prototypes Reveal Minor Design Changes


iPhone 13: The leaker Sonny Dickson released prototype images of the four iPhone 13 models. Used for testing protective cases and other accessories, the non-functional parts have real dimensions and bring some details of Apple devices.

Apparently, the manufacturer should reuse the iPhone 12’s design with little modification. For example, the camera module has become a little bigger compared to current models.

Another visible change is the positioning of the rear cameras on the standard and mini versions of the iPhone 13. The module’s two sensors are aligned in a diagonal position rather than vertical as on the iPhone 12.

Even though it is not visible in the image, the pieces indicate that the screens must maintain the size of the previous versions. Thus, the standard iPhone 13 and Pro will have 6.1-inch displays, while the mini edition follows with the 5.4” screen.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max must also maintain the 6.7” display. However, leaker claims that the reviewed prototype appears to be a few millimeters larger than the previous generation.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to confirm the rumors about the smaller screen notch of the new Apple devices. But, as it is a model piece for testing cases, this detail might not have been visible.