iPhone 13 Pro Series Won’t Have 256GB Version


Apple iPhone 13 series will be officially introduced in a few days. As the official launch date of this new flagship approaches, more information about this flagship series is revealed. The latest information regarding the iPhone 13 series claims that the iPhone 13 Pro series may not have a 256GB storage version. According to the latest information, it is claimed that the Pro series will only have 128GB, 512GB and 1TB storage spaces.


Although many users think this is unacceptable, this is not the first time Apple has made such a decision. You may remember that during the iPhone 7 era, Apple canceled the 64GB storage version that everyone thought was the most convenient. The company had a 32GB storage option and then switched directly to 128GB storage. If you decide to buy and your budget is not high, you may have to settle for the 128GB version.

As of now, the 128GB option is very popular for flagships. For this reason, many users find this storage option insufficient and turn to 256GB. If this option won’t be available and you don’t have enough storage, you may have to pay a larger fee to get the 512GB or 1TB versions. The estimated prices of the series are as follows.

iPhone 13 Mini: 4GB RAM

  • 64 GB Storage Space – 5499 Yuan
  • 128 GB Storage Space – 5999 Yuan
  • 256 GB Storage Space – 6799 Yuan

iPhone 13: 4GB of RAM

  • 64 GB Storage Space – 6299 Yuan
  • 128 GB Storage Space – 6799 Yuan
  • 256 GB Storage Space – 7599 Yuan

iPhone 13 Pro: 6GB of RAM

  • 128 GB Storage Space – 8499 Yuan
  • 512 GB Storage Space – 10499 Yuan
  • 1 TB Storage Space – 13299 Yuan

iPhone 13 Pro Max: 6GB RAM

  • 128 GB Storage Space – 9299 Yuan
  • 512 GB Storage Space – 11299 Yuan
  • 1 TB Storage Space – 14099 Yuan

As far as we know, the iPhone 13 has a very small notched display. This is the first time Apple has tweaked the notch since its introduction in 2017. Reducing the notch will allow new iPhones to have a larger screen-to-body ratio and better visual effects. However, the screen size remains the same as the previous generation. This series will have three screen sizes, 5.4 inches (mini), 6.1 inches (13 and Pro) and 6.7 inches (Pro Max). The iPhone 13 series comes with more color options than the previous series. In addition to black and white color options, there will be sunset gold and rose gold color options. However, these two colors are not entirely new to iPhones.


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