iPhone 13 Pro Is Hacked In 15 Seconds During Hacker Competition


iPhone 13 Pro: The 2021 edition of the Tianfu Cup, China’s biggest hacker competition, held on Saturday (16) and Sunday (17) in Chengdu, ended with important achievements. During the tournament, participants managed, for example, to bypass iOS security and break into an iPhone 13.

In one of the challenges, the Kunlun Lab team hacked an iPhone 13 Pro live on stage, taking just 15 seconds to perform the invasion. Note that the smartphone was running the latest iOS 15 update, made available last week.

With Apple’s history of device unlocks, the Pangu team performed an even more difficult task, performing a remote jailbreak on the iPhone 13 Pro with iOS 15.0.2. For this feat, the group was the winner of the competition, taking a prize equivalent to US$ 300 thousand (R$ 1.65 million in direct conversion, according to today’s quotation).

Details regarding the vulnerabilities exploited in these iPhone-targeted campaigns have not been revealed, but the information will be passed on by the tournament’s winning researchers to Apple. Fixes for these bugs may appear in future OS updates.


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