iPhone 13 prices will be more expensive than expected! Here’s why


Sad news came for the iPhone 13, which we expect Apple to introduce this September. Allegedly, iPhone 13 prices will not make you smile. Apple will announce the new generation iPhone in September. Although it is said that the name of the new iPhone will come up with a different naming, according to the latest claims, the name of the new generation will be iPhone 13. Aside from the technical features and surprises of the device, the price is also a matter of curiosity. Today, unfortunately, a bad signal came from TSMC for iPhone 13 prices.

iPhone 13 prices will be more expensive due to chip manufacturing cost

So far, Apple has not announced an iPhone with a starting price of $ 999. Although the starting price for the iPhone 13 family is not known, the processor of the phone will be produced 20 percent more costly than last year. This is because chips are becoming more expensive due to TSMC’s increasing chip manufacturing costs. This claim by DigiTimes says that iPhone 13 prices can be a bit salty.

Our biggest expectation about the iPhone 13 is that the notch undergoes a reform. The notch design, which has been available since 2017, is now seen as a thing of the past. We will learn from the introduction in September which Apple will choose between shrinking this notch or removing it completely. When we take into account the more powerful processor, faster screen, better display technology and storage starting from at least 128GB, we can see higher prices compared to the iPhone 12 series.

Still, if we take the latest leaks as a reference, we can expect prices close to the iPhone 12 family. If we take into account that TSMC’s hike in chip production will affect prices, we can also make the comment that “a little more expensive than the previous generation”.


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