IPhone 13, no Touch ID, 120Hz display and charging port


The iPhone 13 will be released in 2021, and at the moment there are rumors from reliable sources about the features with which Apple will surprise us.

The first rumors of the iPhone 13 have begun to emerge strongly on social networks, a few days after its previous version, the iPhone 12, officially hits stores.

Although it is too early to even talk about the most relevant details that Apple’s new flagship phone will bring in 2021, it is always good to soak up the predictions about its characteristics from those who know the most.

For these cases, one of the always up-to-date sources is the Twitter “leaker” LeaksApplePro, which has already ruled on the future range of the bitten apple family.

While this news leaker has a considerably poor hit record, its credibility has risen in recent weeks, especially among fans who already see a model coming that removes many of the features of the newer iPhones.

In its tweet, the account makes some interesting predictions about the future of iPhones, such as the inclusion of Touch ID throughout the lower half of the screen, the absence of ports and a long battery life.

It also points to a camera from which “a massive improvement is expected”, as well as the design of new batteries that will allow the always desired greater autonomy for the iOS operating system and the arrival of 120Hz.

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Will Apple innovate with the iPhone 13?

Ming-Chi Kuo, another one of our favorite leakers, predicted about a year ago, that at least one of the iPhone models that will launch in 2021 will be sold without ports.

When it comes to batteries and cameras, Apple tends to redesign, improve and adapt them year after year, at least to some extent, so the iPhone 13 should not be an exception to the rule.

In a market in which there is increasing competition for the best high-end smartphone, we hope that Apple knows how to integrate a new ingredient never seen before and that we did not even know we needed.

These predictions and rumors about the iPhone 13 can leave many questions unanswered. In La Verdad Noticias we will follow up on this device to see if Apple will once again achieve what it does best: innovate and surprise.


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