iPhone 13: New Wave Of Covid-19 In Vietnam Delays Deliveries


iPhone 13: Whoever bought the iPhone 13, recently launched by Apple, may have to wait a few more days to receive the phone. As reported by Nikkei Asia on Wednesday (29), the delay is related to the new wave of covid-19 cases in Vietnam, where the device’s camera components are assembled.

Hardly hit by the Delta variant, the Asian country has imposed strict measures to curb the spread of infections. In mid-July, suppliers to large companies had to suspend production, only obtaining authorization to operate if workers slept in the factories.

In the case of the new cell phone from Apple, the delays are related to the optical image stabilizer (OIS), a component restricted to the lenses of the top-of-the-line model in the previous generation. On the iPhone 13, the feature is present in more versions of the smartphone, requiring increased production to meet demand.

“Suppliers can still produce the new iPhones, but there is a supply gap because stocks of the camera modules are running low,” said a supply chain executive. Also according to him, big tech can do nothing more than “monitor the situation in Vietnam every day and wait for production to increase.”

Forecast for improvement in October

According to the publication, delays in the delivery of the iPhone 13 are expected to start decreasing from October. This is due to the gradual resumption of work at one of the camera module factories in South Vietnam after several months of intermittent outages.

Meanwhile, the wait time for an iPhone 13 Pro Max can reach up to five weeks in China and Japan and up to four weeks in the United States. Even the iPhone 13 mini, with its reduced size, is late for delivery, leading buyers to wait up to 15 days to receive it.


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