iPhone 13 must include Touch ID at the bottom of screen


Apple should extinguish the notch, a rectangular front notch that houses sensors, starting with the next generation, the iPhone 13. According to AppleInsider, the alternative technology that would replace notch refers to the use of a TFT display, which includes sensors behind screen that perform various functions on the phone.

The TFT display could be configured in several ways: as a biometric sensor, camera or depth sensor, for example. For now, the concern is to include the technology without jeopardizing other important functions of the smartphone.

The junction of the display with the mentioned sensors could be used both to allow Face ID and Touch ID under the screen – something that has been speculated for a long time and that was confirmed by two former Apple employees to The Wall Street Journal.

Other brands like Samsung and Xiaomi no longer use the rectangular notch on their phones. The iPhone 13 would be the first Apple phone with a screen without any cutouts since the iPhone X.


Graphic designer Technizo Concept has partnered with LetsGoDigital to use the information we have so far about the product to create a series of images and a video demonstrating what Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro smartphone would look like. In the images, you can still see the notch in the model.

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