iPhone 13 May Support Reverse Wireless Charging


iPhone 13 is claimed to support reverse wireless charging. According to Max Weinbach, Owner of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, we can see a larger charging coil and reverse charging system on iPhone 13 devices.

New information is constantly emerging about the new iPhones that Apple is expected to introduce this year. The other day, we conveyed to you the statement of experienced Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kou about the iPhone 13.

According to new claims about the new generation iPhones, the wireless charging coil to be used on iPhone 13 devices may be larger and may support reverse charging. In addition, this system may have different benefits other than charging.

Reverse charging could come to iPhone family

The person who made this claim is Max Weinbach, the owner of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro. According to Max’s claims, a larger charging coil can be used on iPhone 13 devices and this charging coil can support reverse charging. Reverse charging technology is a technology that allows you to charge another phone using one phone.

The wireless charging coil of the iPhone 12 supports 15W charging. If Apple uses a larger charging coil in the new series, it can exceed 15 W and lead to a serious reduction in charging times. In addition, with the larger charging coil, the heat can be distributed to the phone more evenly and the devices can be prevented from getting hot while charging.

Wireless charging for iPad devices

Last June, Bloomberg sources stated that Apple is looking to bring wireless charging to new iPad devices. This wireless charging technology, which is aimed to be added to iPad devices, can be used bilaterally. In other words, wireless charging can be used from both the back and front of the device. If this technology supports reverse charging, such as the wireless charging technology that is predicted to be added to the iPhone 13s, iPad devices can be used as wireless powerbanks.

Apple has been experimenting with high-power wireless charging since 2017. In this context, the company purchased the PowerbyProxi brand in 2017. This brand has developed technologies that support wireless charging up to 100 W. According to the latest claims, Apple may have transferred this technology to its new devices in a healthy way.


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