iPhone 13 May Have Some Android Features


Many leaks have started to emerge about the iPhone 13, which will be released later this year. Shortly before the launch of the 2021 series iPhones, Apple is again unable to prevent leaks.

Famous for his leaks in the smartphone world, Max Weinbach published a tremendous news about iPhones. iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S will have some features we see on Android devices.


This feature has become the classic feature of Android phones, as iPhones have not had an Alwas on Display (Always On Display) for years. iPhone 13 leaks this feature will be active.


Fingerprint Sensor is Embedded in the Screen

The most radical change for Apple seems to be the fingerprint sensor change. Apple has decided to bury the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 13s. Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors produce a 3-dimensional image of the fingerprint with small sound waves. At this point, Apple can produce a hybrid sensor and use an optical-capacitive hybrid sensor with the capacitive sensors it uses for Touch ID, but there are already these sensors. Therefore, Apple can change the sensor for Touch ID and offer an Android-style Touch ID experience.


Hello to 120 Hz Displays

While Apple’s iPads have a 120 Hz refresh rate, the big question is why they don’t have iPhones. Apple, if you consider that even the iPhone 12 has a 60 Hz refresh rate, the 120 Hz refresh rate in iPhone 13 screens will be a great revolution for Apple users. Please note that the lowest screen refresh rate in almost every flagship Android phone released in recent years is 90 Hz.