iPhone 13 may have Always On Display mode


Although Apple is still promoting the iPhone 12 line, it is no secret that the focus of the market is on launching models of the iPhone 13 family. According to the well-known and reliable Max Weinbach, the Cupertino giant must make a series of adjustments to this year.

Thus, we will not have a sudden change in design, something that is already expected when it comes to Apple. Weinbach points out that the company should only refine the matte back of the iPhone 13 Pro variant:

The matte background is getting refined. So on 2021 iPhones, I’m sure the Pro models will have a slightly more sticky textured back. They will be a little more comfortable to pick up.

Another interesting change that Apple can make is in the display of the devices. This is because they must have a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, in addition to using LTPO technology to offer Always On Display mode:

AOD mode will have minimal customization. The current design basically looks like an attenuated lock screen. The clock and battery charge are always visible. Notifications appear to be displayed using a bar and icons. Notifications will appear normally, except that the screen will not light up completely.
The leaker further confirmed that the iPhone 13 will feature an enhanced six-piece wide-angle lens. Other modifications that may be present on Apple devices are:

The iPhone 13 will reportedly feature a stronger set of magnets for MagSafe technology.
New astrophotography features: point your iPhone at the sky and it will switch to “astrophotography mode” when it detects stars or the moon
Longer exposure times, more internal processing
AirTags arriving in March or April
Apple Watch Series 7 will not support glucose monitoring


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