iPhone 13 Is The Most Searched Phone of 2021


iPhone 13: According to a survey by CaseMonkey, an online smartphone accessories store, the iPhone 13 became the most searched phone of 2021, with more than six times more global searches than the second-placed Samsung Galaxy S21.

Apple’s smartphone took the first place in the ranking with 21.29 million searches, while the Galaxy S21 was present in 3.4 million searches and got the second place. Apple still remained on the podium with the iPhone 13 Pro carrying 1.82 million searches and winning third place.

The Top 5 was mostly owned by Apple and Samsung, with the exception of the fourth most searched smartphone: the Google Pixel 6, with a volume of 1.8 million. Samsung remained in fifth place; the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra got a number of searches equivalent to 1.5 million.

Although the protagonist of the ranking was only released in September this year, Apple’s marketing strategies ensured that the product maintained the “hype” during the previous months. In the case of the Galaxy S21 series, the launch took place in January and the following months brought some complaints about the quality of the design and the screen.

Most Popular Cell Phones of 2021

Apple iPhone 13 – 21,290,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 – 3,440,000
Apple iPhone 13 Pro – 1,826,000
Google Pixel 6 – 1,806,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – 1,508,000
OnePlus 9 Pro – 1,140,000
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 -739,000
Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip 3 – 586,000
Sony Xperia 1 III – 492,000
Google Pixel 5a – 466,000