iPhone 13 is a Future Claim for Years


For years, iPhone users wanted the Touch ID fingerprint reader to be included in phones again. According to rumors, these requests can be met in the next generation.

Apple recently launched iPhone 12 models. Although these models are the subject of discussion around the world, they were sold like a piece of cheese. Many rumors emerged about the next phone before many users were able to get the iPhone 12 models.

An account that shared accurate predictions and leaks in its previous posts made a statement about the new iPhone 13. Touch ID fingerprint reader will be used on the new phone according to the share of the account.

Touch ID returns

For many iPhone users, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which was used in some models in the past, was a very successful system. These users often expressed that they wanted to use the old system, despite the new Face ID.

In the new iPhone 13s, it was claimed that the American technology giant will respond to these demands. Although it is only a year before we see the new phone, this period is very short for technology companies. The development process of new devices starts 1 year in advance.

“MESA uts for iPhone” was used in the post, which was previously shared by a Twitter account using a highly encrypted share. This post, which looks like a typo, may contain information for the new period.

Tweet passwords

Apple’s name for Touch ID during the development process was MESA. uts is known as under the screen. This means Touch ID can return with the new iPhone.

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In fact, the return of the Touch ID feature has also been associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Because although the Face ID feature is more useful, it has difficulty recognizing people while wearing a mask. Therefore, two technologies can be used together. Let’s see what kind of innovations Apple will appear in the new iPhone 13?


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