iPhone 13 Had No RAM Increase Compared To iPhone 12


iPhone 13: Focusing its advertising on “tight integration” between the components and the system, Apple doesn’t usually advertise the amount of RAM in its portable devices — although there are exceptions, like the iPad Pro. This time, with the announcement of the iPhone 13, it wasn’t different: the definition of the feature was left to the enthusiasts.

Through Xcode documents, experts have verified that the iPhone 13 and its mini variant have “only” 4GB of RAM, while the Pro and Pro Max versions have 6GB — a modest increase, but one that benefits from the new features introduced by the company. . Thus, it was possible to confirm that the new line has not received improvements in this aspect compared to previous models of the iPhone 12 line, however, this does not indicate that the final performance has not improved.

Possibly, the performance gain of this generation may be due to the new A15 Bionic processor, which would be up to “50% faster” than competing models, as suggested by Apple. Robust, the component can be more efficient even with “small” amounts of memory, however, the company has not released more specific data on this factor.

Welcome exceptions

In addition to the visual redesign, the 6th Generation iPad mini also received more RAM, totaling 4GB of capacity. The changes make it more robust and similar to the iPad Air, being now a little more able to perform tasks with greater demands on hardware. On the other hand, the 8th Generation iPad base continued with 3GB of RAM, the amount present in the previous line.


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