iPhone 13 Gets Version Inspired By Tesla And Elon Musk


A custom iPhone 13 Pro with body parts from a Tesla car, dedicated to honoring the automaker’s CEO, Elon Musk, is the newest creation by Caviar, a Russian company specializing in luxury smartphones. The cell phone, recently unveiled, is part of the Visionaires collection, launched at the beginning of the year.

The model, dubbed the iPhone 13 Pro “Electro” (there is also a Pro Max variant), has a bold design and is inspired by the contours of the electric cars made by Musk’s company, according to the manufacturer. One of the highlights is the black-coated titanium case, which protects the device.

In contrast to the piece, there is an aluminum rear panel, made from parts of a Tesla car, which features engravings of Musk’s face, the automaker’s logo and a drawing of a car. Completing the set, the company added a small part in copper, material that makes up the batteries, on which is its emblem.

As for prices, the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Electro starts at US$ 6,720 can reach US$ 8,380 (R$ 46.5 thousand) in the Pro Max model with 1 TB. There are only 99 units for sale of the limited edition, available on the Russian brand’s website.