iPhone 13: First Tests Confirm Longer Lasting Batteries


One of the most well-received new features of the iPhone 13 line by the public was the increase in the battery’s energy storage capacity, which means that the charge of all four devices should last longer than the iPhone 12 models. In practice, is this difference really significant?

Tom’s Guide website was the first to carry out a battery consumption test with the four variants of the new devices, obtaining a very positive result overall.

According to the report, all new iPhones feature longer battery life than the 2020 versions.

iPhone 13 Pro Max – 12:16 pm
iPhone 13 Pro – 11:42
iPhone 13 – 10:33 am
iPhone 13 mini – 8:41 am

Unsurprisingly, the most significant leap is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which exceeds 12 hours of continuous operation, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max model reaches 10 hours and 53 minutes. The iPhone 13 mini, despite having beaten its predecessor, was the least radical improvement from one year to the next (about an hour more battery life).

For comparison purposes, the entry-level Samsung Galaxy S21 lags behind all the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 models, with 9 hours and 53 minutes of battery life. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has 11 hours and 25 minutes. The only one that dethroned the Apple device is the OnePlus 9 (12:48 min).

The batteries for the new iPhones range from 2,500 mAh to 4,400 mAh, in approximate numbers and not confirmed by Apple. Remember that the amount of mAh of each battery is important, but it is only one of the factors involved in energy consumption.


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