iPhone 13 Does Not Surprise Apple Users And Customers May Migrate To The Pixel Line, Says Research


Recently released by Apple, the new iPhone 13 Series family received some improvements compared to its predecessors, especially in display and processor performance, as all the newly released ones are equipped with the SoC A15 Bionic.


A survey carried out recently in the United States assessed the brand’s customer satisfaction level with the new devices, taking into account details such as new functions and expectations that were or were not met in the new generation of the iPhone.

The survey was conducted by the SellCell platform and had the participation of more than 5,000 people who have a previous generation iPhone model, being identified that the new line did not surprise enough to make users of versions like the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro Max migrate to the iPhone 13 Series.

According to the results, around 64% of respondents do not consider the new hardware changes implemented by Apple to be impressive, while 76% claimed that they do not intend to switch their phones to Apple’s new models.

About 34.1% of users who intend to change iPhone reported that one of the main attractions of the new generation is the ProMotion screen with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz in the Pro and Pro Max variants, while 25.3% decided to buy the iPhone 13 due to its longer battery life.

The others opted for greater internal storage capacity — 1 TB on more expensive models — or the addition of new tools for smartphone cameras, such as cinematographic mode, for example.

As for the features expected for the new generation, approximately 29% of respondents said they expected the return of the Touch ID on the iPhone 13, something that didn’t happen.

When asked about the possibility of switching phones, 37% of users said they should only update in 2022 with the arrival of the iPhone 14 and, surprisingly, 16% revealed their intention to switch to Android, with 45% intending to move to the Pixel line. and 42% for the Galaxy family.

Although it was surprised by its excellent build quality and some internal changes, it is interesting to see that some of Apple’s customers did not like the changes brought by the manufacturer in this generation, indicating the chance to change ecosystem in search of a phone that meets their needs .


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