iPhone 13 Could Get More Expensive With Chip Price Increase


iPhone 13: The announcement that TSMC-manufactured CPUs and GPUs will undergo a price increase should also impact the retail value of electronics. According to the newspaper DigiTimes, which listened to industry sources, Apple already plans to increase the price charged for the iPhone 13 line, which should be officially introduced in September 2021.

“Apple is likely to put higher prices on the next iPhones and other lines. (…) Multiple notebook brands, which have gone up between 5% and 10% this year, should continue to search for alternatives to soften the impact. in the rise of costs in relation to profit”, says the report.

Will it go up?

In other words, to prevent the profit generated by each smartphone sold from being reduced thanks to the increase in manufacturing and component prices, the product’s value will need to be readjusted. The percentage of the alleged increase was not disclosed.

The change announced by TSMC is a result of the growing demand for semiconductors and the scarcity of components in the market, something that should still be reflected in the market in 2022. Even being one of the company’s biggest customers, Apple itself also needed to expand contracts for the manufacture of chips and may have inventory issues on some devices.

So far, Apple hasn’t detailed features or information about the iPhone 13. The price of the devices is only expected to be revealed at the device’s announcement conference, speculated to take place on Sept. 17 this year.


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