iPhone 13 Can Finally Bring Wireless Reverse Charge


iPhone 13: A feature that’s been speculated since the iPhone 11 may finally debut in Apple’s 2021 generation of smartphones. The novelty is the wireless reverse recharge, that is, the possibility of charging other devices using the cell phone battery and without the need for cables.

The information is from the EverythingApplePro channel, which brought the rumors to leak expert Max Weinbach. Models following the Qi standard would be compatible with the process, which means everything from AirPods Pro and other iPhones to Android devices.

According to the video, the generation that should be called the iPhone 13 will have larger wireless charging coils and better heat dissipation. The change enables not only faster recharge without the need for wires, but also the ability to transfer power to other devices.

The function was planned for the iPhone 11 and would have been turned off at the last minute. The feature was also speculated on the iPhone 12, but was not among the new features of the model.

Expected to be announced in September 2021, the iPhone 13 family is also expected to feature a slightly different design and a new set of cameras.