iPhone 13: Apple Orders 90 Million Units for Factories


iPhone 13: Apple has asked its suppliers to deliver 90 million iPhone 13 units by the end of 2021. That shipment will be 20% larger than standard orders for 75 million devices.

According to Bloomberg, the manufacturer believes in the high demand for new iPhones in a “post-covid world”. This will also be the brand’s first 5G device where retail launch will not be affected by pandemic restrictions.

“In recent years, Apple has maintained a consistent level of 75 million units in one device launch. But the company predicts that the first iPhone since the start of immunization against covid-19 will have an additional demand”, cites the article.

In addition to 5G, the manufacturer hopes that the iPhone 13 upgrades will be an invitation for users to switch devices. While maintaining the design of the previous generation, the products should bring improvements over the processor and cameras.

Another expected novelty is the 120 Hz ProMotion display, exclusive to the Pro and Pro Max versions. The screen with a high refresh rate allows for smoother scrolling, while saving more energy.

iPhone 13 release forecast

According to Bloomberg, the new iPhone 13 will be officially announced in September this year. Apparently, the chip shortage is unlikely to affect production of Apple’s upcoming devices.

Industry sources say Asian manufacturers such as TSMC and Pegatron have spent months preparing for the launch of the new iPhone. Therefore, suppliers are ready to meet the high demand for products.


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