iPhone 13: Alleged Patent Infringement May Stop Production in China


iPhone 13: Chinese company Xiao-i Robot has filed an injunction to stop iPhone production in China. In this way, the action can directly affect the manufacture of the iPhone 13.

According to information from the South China Morning Post, the local company claims that Siri is in patent infringement. Supposedly, Apple’s smart assistant would be a copy of a chatbot model developed by the Chinese brand.

The clash between Xiao-i and Apple is not new. Last year, the Asian company made an unsuccessful attempt to block sales of US big tech devices due to alleged patent infringement.

Previously, the two court battles ended with one victory for each party. In round 1, Apple’s request to invalidate the patent was not accepted by the judge. In the 2nd case, the court did not grant the preliminary injunction to Xiao-i and left the question open.

So, the Chinese company decided to go to court again with the intention of preventing the production of iPhones in the territory. The company also calls for a ban on the sale and export of the devices with the assistant Siri.

pressure for a deal

Analysts believe Xiao-i’s lawsuit is aimed at forcing Apple to accept a deal on the eve of the iPhone 13 announcement. At this point, the interruption of production would hamper the smartphone’s launch.

There is also a particular risk to China’s justice. Courts have historically had a reputation for favoring local companies over foreign companies.

However, sources say Apple CEO Tim Cook hates being “blackmailed” by smaller brands and isn’t likely to cave in in court fights. At the same time, the Chinese government must not risk disrupting an industrial operation as profitable as that of big tech.


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