iPhone 12’s Next Generation Display Technology Will Be As Remarkable As Its Design


The new information shows that Apple, which has been using OLED displays on their phones since iPhone X, will take a step forward in display technology on iPhone 12s. Apple wants to stay ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy S20s by making significant advances in display technology.

Samsung has used new OLED displays that have reduced blue light emission and low power consumption in Galaxy S20s. The company announced that the OLED displays of the S20s provide 15 percent more power efficiency than the display panel used previously and emit 70 percent less light than LCD displays. In other words, Samsung offered a remarkable display technology on the Galaxy S20s.

Apple is cooperating with LG and investing heavily to use more advanced OLED displays, but LG does not seem to be able to catch up with Samsung in terms of both production capacity and quality. That’s why Apple continues to go around and buy screens from Samsung again. It is still unclear whether Apple will prefer Samsung or LG on iPhone 12 screens.

Either way, the iPhone 12 will have a next-generation display. The new generation screen of iPhone 12 will have ProMotion display technology with high refresh rate that we are familiar with iPad Pro.

The iPhone 12 will use the Apple A14 chip, and support for 5G connectivity is coming to iPhones with new models. It is among the information that Touch ID support will come back on iPhone 12 and a long-range 3D camera will be on iPhone 12.

All these technologies of the iPhone 12 show that the price of the phone will be higher than the iPhone 11. However, the reports show that Apple will increase its price less than its competitors.


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