iPhone 12s Appears to Support Reverse Charging


According to FCC documents published online, iPhone 12 models have reverse charging feature. It is thought that the feature will be officially announced with the new AirPods and AirTags.

With the emergence of a series of Federal Communications Board (FCC) documents of the iPhone 12 family, Apple’s newest smartphones, it turned out that an iPhone 12 models had a feature Apple had never mentioned before.

According to FCC documents, iPhone 12 models support reverse charging in terms of hardware. This feature, which Apple did not even mention at the launch, is predicted to be able to wirelessly charge iPhone 12 models in the future, AirPods or AirTags, which are thought to be introduced next month.

Documentation that states “2020 iPhone models… supports WPT charging function at 360 kHz to charge accessories”, while models with the mentioned feature are iPhone 12 mini (BCG-E3539A), iPhone 12 (BCG-E3542A), iPhone 12 Pro ( BCG-E3545A) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (BCG-E3548A).

Also, according to shared documents, the reverse wireless charging feature – at least right now – can only be used to charge Apple-branded accessories. Also, according to the information in the documents, the reverse wireless charging feature will only be available when the iPhone is connected to an AC power outlet.

It is unknown why Apple never mentioned the reverse charging feature at launch. Estimates are that the feature can be used fully efficiently with new generation Apple products such as AirTags and new AirPods, so the announcement will be carried out with these devices.

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