iPhone 12 will be sold with headphones in France


Apple has triggered a new debate by announcing that it will not place EarPods headphones and charging adapters in the boxes of iPhone 12 series phones, which it introduced last Tuesday. The company stated that it made this decision to reduce electronic waste. However, Apple’s new phones are sold in France with headphones in accordance with the laws in the country.

According to the news of the MacRumors site, French laws require smartphones to be sold with headphones or hands-free talk kits to protect children aged 14 and under from electromagnetic radiation in the country. In the summary text of the law, it is noted that the effects of prolonged exposure to smartphone radiation cannot be fully seen.

The user manuals and packaging of smartphones sold in the country should encourage the use of hands-free talk kits without advertising. Manufacturers who do not comply with this law can be fined 75 thousand euros.

The radiation effect seriously affects smartphone usage legislation in France. Anti-5G protests were held in various cities in the country. Some local officials also argued that the 5G network’s activation should be delayed due to health concerns and geographical impacts.

Apple also cited the reduction of carbon emissions and the use of rare mines as the reason for the decision not to offer headphones and charging adapters alongside its new iPhones. iPhone 12 comes in a smaller box compared to previous models. Apple stated that this way, it can fit 70 percent more devices in a single pallet.

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