iPhone 12: the smartphone could be sold without earphones!


Bad news for those waiting for the release of the iPhone 12! Headphones may not be included with the purchase.

All apple addicts are eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 12, but some may be disappointed. Indeed, analysts predict a smartphone without headphones.

It’s a big blow to fans of the brand. As you can see, Apple could change its habits.

Analysts say the American company will not be pairing the iPhone 12 with a pair of headphones. No, you’re not dreaming.

First on the news, Ming-Chi Kuo then evokes economic reasons. But he is no longer the only one who believes in it.

Dan Ives recently confirmed the rumor. According to the renowned analyst, there is no longer any doubt.

The headphones will then be a separate room. If they do not already have one, customers will have to plan a bigger budget.

But rest assured! European countries could escape the sentence.


Still according to analysts, the American company therefore aims to increase its sale of EarPods, but above all, AirPods.

It will thus increase its margins, which have been declining for a few years. Apple could then sell more than 80 million of its wireless headphones by the end of the year.

But good news for European customers! They could well see a pair of headphones accompanying their iPhone 12.

Indeed, a law obliges manufacturers to supply them, in order to “limit the exposure of the head to radio emissions during communications.

If the company can’t break the rule, then a pair of headphones will appear in each of the iPhone 12 boxes sold in the country.

Besides, there is very little chance that she will succeed. The iPhone 12 has not stopped surprising us.


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