iPhone 12: Shows Magsafe and battery details


On Monday (2), the technology channelJerryRigEverything, known for “dissecting” several cell phone models and analyzing their interiors, published a video showing in detail the internal components of the iPhone 12 Pro.

In it, you can see how Apple developed the new version of Magsafe, the battery capacity and the difficulty in accessing certain parts of the device – which complicates and makes their repair more expensive.

Magsafe, Apple’s proprietary technology, is a solution designed to connect wireless chargers and other accessories magnetically to the back of the new iPhone version. Previously, this functionality was exclusive to some select Macbook models, with its use restricted to the charger connection only.

In its new version for mobile phones, the Magsafe has a set of 18 magnets, which perfectly align the accessories and house the various components that form the wireless charging film of the iPhone 12, as shown in the video. In the same sense, it is also possible to note the difficulty in accessing the component – the iPhone 12 has a complex interior, full of connections, with overlapping and interconnected cables.

In the end, to reach the wireless charging film layer, it was necessary to disconnect several components, remove the logic board and the battery – which now has a total capacity of 2,815mAh, less than that found in the iPhone 11 Pro, from the last year, with 3.046mAh of autonomy.

In the video, the delicate aspect of the attempt to open the device is highlighted, including showing the professional permanently damaging the screen by a small carelessness. The assembly of the new iPhone 12 suggests that Apple has taken special measures to hinder the outsourced repair of the device, with parts and components difficult to access and replace.

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