iPhone 12 should be more expensive than iPhone 11


According to a report by the market intelligence consultancy TrendForce, the price of the new 12 series of iPhones should arrive with a considerable increase in the market in relation to its predecessor – and Brazil, with the dollar at the heights, should receive the new devices with prices much higher.

One of the reasons for this increase is the inclusion of OLED and more support for 5G band in the new series (which should have at least four models). According to TrendForce, “the costs of the iPhone 12 models are significantly higher compared to the models of the previous series because of the 5G support. To cut costs and stabilize retail prices, Apple decided to sell the next iPhones without accessories, such as wired headsets, power adapters, etc. This change is expected to help sales performance. ”

Prices (in reais, approximate) will be higher than line 11 (remembering that Apple will discontinue the production of Pro and Pro Max models).

Apple iPhone 12 – $ 3,895 to $ 4,170

Apple iPhone 12 Max –R $ 4,450 to R $ 4,730

Apple iPhone 12 Pro – $ 5,845 to $ 6,120

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max – R $ 6,400 to R $ 6,680

Increased production

TrendForce’s report points out that Apple “increased iPhone production in the second quarter of 2020 by 8% over the previous quarter, thanks to higher than expected sales of iPhone SE and iPhone 11. This performance also gives the brand third place in the ranking [led by Samsung and Huawei]. Moving on to the third quarter of 2020, demand for iPhone SE and iPhone 11 is expected to remain strong. ”

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