iPhone 12 screen design appeared for the first time


New leaks continue to emerge about the 2020 iPhone 12 design. After the camera details, iPhone 12 screen design drawings were leaked recently. Thus, it is possible to see the changes on the screen side, which have been spoken for a long time, on the drawings concretely.

iPhone 12 screen design becomes clear
The notched display, which was first used in the smartphone industry with the iPhone X, will change with the iPhone 12. Until now, it was stated that a smaller notched screen would be available to Apple. These details were also evident in the new design drawing leaks.

In the new design leaks shared on Twitter, there are details about not only how the smaller notch will look, but also how the widget system Apple will offer among iOS 14 features.

Unlike the widget system on the Android side, Apple works on a widget system that can be included in the app icons as far as is understood from the shared images. In this context, in accordance with iPhone 12 screen sizes, application icon sizes on the main screen may differ according to widget icons. However, it is not possible to convey more details on this subject at the moment.

Finally, it was stated before that Apple was working on 4 different iPhone 12 models and these models will differ from each other with their screen sizes. It is stated that these iPhone 12 screen sizes will be 5.4-inch in normal models and 6.1-inch in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch in iPhone 12 Pro models.

On the camera side, like the new 2020 iPad Pro model, it is expected to use a LiDAR browser supported set. At the general design point, it is pointed out that a similar design approach will continue with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models.


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