iPhone 12 receives HDR support on YouTube app


The YouTube app recently received an update on iOS and now supports HDR on iPhone 12 phones. The video platform has been using the technology since the time of the iPhone X, but needs a new version to support Apple releases.

The version of YouTube that supports HDR on the iPhone 12 is 15.45.2 and is now available globally on the App Store. After installation, the application will display the “HDR” tag within the resolution options when playing videos.

High Dynamic Range is available on all devices in Apple’s new smartphone range. The series comprises the smartphones iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 in Brazil

While users in markets like the United States had to live without HDR on the new iPhones for a few weeks, the Brazilian public will have the option as soon as smartphones arrive in our country. Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 12 will be launched in Brazil on November 20.

The company has also listed all models of the smartphone that will be sold in Brazil and their prices. The values ​​start at R $ 6,999 for the iPhone 12 mini 64 GB and go up to R $ 13,999 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max model of 512 GB.

Apple also revealed the prices for MagSafe series products in Brazil. While the magnetic charger has values ​​that start at R $ 499, the covers are sold on the manufacturer’s website for figures starting at R $ 599.

Recently, Apple also reduced the price of the USB-C charger for iPhones in Brazil. The company’s new smartphone line comes without a power supply in the box.

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