iPhone 12 processor: Apple A14 Bionic features!


With the development of production technologies, improvements on hardware have also started to accelerate. Today, many companies in the processor market are looking to obtain products with higher performance. For this, we can say that the main feature is to reduce the nm size of the chips used in architecture. Today, with the event organized by Apple, iPhone 12 processor Apple A14 Bionic features emerged.

Although no new iPhone models have been introduced yet, the processor to be used will be the same as the iPad models introduced today.

iPhone 12 processor has arrived! Apple A14 Bionic features

The nm size of the chips used in the processor world affects the performance and power efficiency of the processor in many ways. The A14 Bionic, which was TSMC production, became the industry’s first processor with 5 nm design. Representing the last point of the semiconductor technology that we have reached today, A14 is a hardware that Apple can boast of.

Apple A14 Bionic özellikleri

While there is no model with a 5 nm processor on the Android side, 5 nm models are expected to come with the Snapdragon 875 in 2021.

One of the striking details among the Apple A14 Bionic features is the increase in performance. At the event, the A14 processor was compared with the A12 model used in the previous iPad model instead of the A13. The A14 Bionic provides a 40 percent performance increase on the processor side and 30 percent on the graphics side compared to the A12.

If we make a rough calculation according to the performance difference between A13 and A12, the A14 Bionic experienced a 17 percent performance increase on the processor side and 8 percent on the graphics side compared to the A13. The A14 Bionic is a 6-core processor, which comes with 4 small but power-saving cores and 2 large but performance-oriented cores.

Another remarkable detail among the Apple A14 Bionic features is its artificial intelligence performance. Artificial intelligence performance, which is 5TOPs and 6TOPs on the A12 and A13 respectively, reaches 11TOPs power with the new 16-core neural engine of the A14. In addition, Apple stated that there is a new processor in the A14 processor that processes video signals. The A14, which contains 11.8 billion transistors other than the nerve motor, has experienced a large increase compared to the A13 processor, which contains 8.5 billion transistors.

iPhone 12 işlemcisi

The A12 and A13 processors were criticized for their particularly high power consumption. These processors, which were quite powerful for their time, consumed more power than was acceptable. However, using the benefit of 5 nm production with the A14 processor to the end, Apple has demonstrated a more stable and sustainable performance.

Not mentioning the concrete power increase and efficiency at the event, Apple may be keeping the detailed figures about the A14 for the iPhone 12 event.


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