iPhone 12 Pro Won’t Have High-End 5G Features


New information about 5G connectivity support of Apple’s new generation iPhone series has emerged. Accordingly, the iPhone 12 Pro variant will have 5G features used in mid-segment phones instead of high-end 5G.

In the world of smartphones, Apple, which has managed to make a name for itself with the new features it offers to its users, even if it was previously offered on the Android side, continues to grapple with new problems in the iPhone 12 series.

According to the news in Forbes, the iPhone 12 Pro will be presented to its users with low-quality 5G features usually used in mid-segment 5G phones. Premium 5G features will be found in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the most powerful device in the series.

5G problem on iPhone 12 series

According to emerging reports, Apple will sell premium (mmWave) 5G iPhone 12 Pro Max models in Korea, Japan and the USA. This model will be available in the rest of the world with less expensive, sub-6 GHz 5G specifications. In addition, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Plus and iPhone 12 Pro will be sold with these standards.

Sub-6 GHz 5G travels a long distance, 50% faster than 4G, and accounts for the bulk of 5G coverage. Therefore, it is quite natural that this technology is used in middle segment devices rather than flagships. However, mmWave 5G; It represents the latest technology, is very fast and is used in big cities. So it’s quite natural to expect a Pro-level 5G feature from a Pro variant iPhone.

So what could be the reason that pushed Apple to make such a decision? According to Gordon Kelly of Forbes, the reason Apple made such a decision is that all iPhone 12 models reduce the battery capacity. He states that Apple made this move due to the high power consumption of mmWave 5G.

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It is also stated that Apple will release an iPhone 12 Pro variant with 4G support early next year. This variant will have a longer battery life with 4G, plus it will come with a price tag of up to $ 200 cheaper than the 5G variant.


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