iPhone 12 Pro won’t be the most anticipated feature


After several setbacks, everything points to the iPhone 12 being already in production. This is a good sign for your presentation in the coming weeks and it also means that the rumors are more and more correct.

What was most recently reported is that the iPhone 12 Pro will not come with a 120Hz refresh rate. Who says it is screen expert Ross Young who has proven himself correct several times in the past.

iPhone 12 Pro will come with a 60Hz screen

In his latest publication on Twitter, Young says that Apple already has in its possession screens with an OLED refresh rate of 120Hz. However, it lacks some drivers so that the technology can work properly.

Given this scenario, Apple has two options: wait for the arrival of drivers and postpone the launch of smartphones a little longer or opt for 60Hz. According to Young’s sources, the American giant opted for the second option.

Apparently, Apple does not want to postpone the launch of its next tops of the range. In this sense, it is willing to sacrifice a technology that is becoming more and more recurrent in the market.

This news comes a day after evidence was found on iOS 14 that pointed to the presence of a screen refresh rate higher than 60Hz. Although Ross Young is a very credible source, it never hurts to be cautious about what is said.

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