iPhone 12 Pro will not have a 120 Hz display


According to digital hunter Ross Young, who has been gaining notoriety due to the latest hits on leaks from Apple products, the iPhone 12 Pro will not have a 120 Hz refresh rate screen. The reason is that the company was unable to find a driver suitable for using the device with this type of screen.

Apparently, the 120 Hz panels are ready to be manufactured, but without the driver they become useless. Apple could delay the launch of the iPhone 12 in order to try to find a solution, but the launch of its new devices has already been postponed until October. So it seems that the company should even choose to launch the Pro model of its smartphone with a 60 Hz screen.

Most flagships already have a 120 Hz screen

If the information is confirmed, an iPhone 12 Pro with a 60 Hz screen could be a big disappointment for some fans of the brand.

In the case of Android phones, most of the top-of-the-line models already have a 120 Hz screen, with some of them reaching up to 144 Hz.

Not having a 120 Hz screen will not harm the iPhone when it comes to other specifications. However, it is expected that a top-of-the-line device launched towards the end of 2020 will have above-average fluidity, which improves the visual experience of users with respect to some applications, such as games and the scrolling of menus, websites and phone lines. time of some social networks.

iPhone XR, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max to be discontinued

Talking about previous generation iPhones, instead of making price cuts, Apple decided to discontinue the iPhone XR, whose place will be taken by the iPhone 11.

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The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will also be discontinued. The company did not disclose the reason, but it seems that keeping these expensive devices on the market, and without support for 5G networks, would not make much sense.


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