iPhone 12 Pro Max disassembled; big change!


Introduced by Apple as “the most advanced iPhone ever”, the iPhone 12 Pro Max appeared in October. The device, which is stated to have a screen resistant to impacts up to 4 times, continues to come up with new tests.

Recently, the iPhone 12 Pro model was dismantled and MagSafe magnets came out. Now, the disassembled images of the flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is not yet available in our country, have emerged.

iPhone 12 Pro Max dismantled!

The biggest change compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max: the motherboard’s position and the shape of the battery. As it seems, the battery has taken an inverted L shape compared to the old, and all the important components in the device are placed on the right. The motherboard of the device has been placed on the left for years.

Despite having a lot of space in Apple’s hands, unfortunately there was a 10 percent decrease in battery capacity compared to the previous model. The lower power consumption of the Apple A14 Bionic compensates for the shortcoming of the 3687 mAh battery in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Although the position of the motherboard has been changed, its size is almost exactly the same.

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