iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini may be delayed!


Apple continues to make preparations for October 13 for new iPhone models. However, although the iPhone 12 family will be introduced at this event, it remains unclear when they will be released. Judging by the latest leak, iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max may be delayed.

How long will the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini be delayed?

Famous for Apple analysis and leaks, Jon Prosser has come across with an important leak on Twitter. Prosser claims that only the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models, which will appear on the October 13 launch, will be available for the first time.

Judging by the leak, Prosser claims that Apple’s new 6.1-inch iPhone models will be the first to appear. Pro Max and Mini will go on sale in November. Although there is no confirmation for the iPhone 12 price yet, Prosser expects a starting price of $ 649 for the iPhone Mini. The famous analyst once again suggested in a tweet yesterday that a different promotion could be made for the highly anticipated wireless headset Apple AirPods Studio. Accordingly, Apple will only be able to complete the production of the wireless headset on October 20.

If the claims are true, it is claimed that there may be a problem in the screen supply for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini. Detailed information is expected to be revealed with the October 13 Apple Event.

iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max features

Expectations for iPhone 12 Pro Max and the new member of the family, iPhone 12 Mini, are as follows. The Pro Max model, which will appear with an XDR OLED screen and steel frame, has a screen size of 6.7 inches. This screen has a density of 555 ppi. As a screen replacement, the phone is expected to come out with 120 Hz support.

As the processor, there is Apple’s A14 Bionic processor with 5 nm processor architecture. This processor will have a processing speed of 3.1 Ghz, according to the first information. This is the fastest processing speed ever achieved by an ARM-based mobile processor.

Just like the iPhone 12 Pro, the new iPhone equipped with 6 GB of RAM welcomes us with the same triple camera setup and LIDAR sensor on the camera side. The model will appear with a steel-plated body just like the iPhone 12 Pro. Of course, the new iPhone, which will appear with 5G technology, seems to be returning to its framed design, which we see last in the SE model and which we see until the iPhone 5 model, with 12 families.

Not much information has yet emerged for the iPhone 12 Mini features. Judging by the first information, the model, which will appear with an OLED screen, is expected to support 60 Hz in terms of screen renewal. The smallest iPhone seems to come up with a battery of 2,227 mAh in terms of battery. The Mini will appear with a small screen, such as 5.4 inches, according to today’s standards.


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