iPhone 12 Pro Max: 120 Hz and LiDAR


At the end of Tuesday (25), the YouTube channel Front Page Tech released what would be the first hands-on with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. With images received from an unidentified source, youtuber Jon Prosser showed news about the cameras, screen and more.

Both the screenshots and the hands-on video were made using an iPhone validation unit. This, in this case, would be the last model to be tested before the one that consumers will find in stores.

The first change is that the cell phone screen should be 6.7 inches, not 6.5 “as in the current one. The model may also be the only one with a 120Hz refresh rate on the line. In the images, it is possible see that there is an adaptive feature between 60Hz and the higher rate, depending on the content.

On the other hand, notch / clipping continues in the new generation. According to the information, he is little less, or at least appears. The motifs would be the thinner edges and also the larger canvas. The positive side is that facial recognition should be done regardless of the angle of the cell.

What’s new on cameras

According to what was disclosed, the set of cameras at the rear should not have a design change compared to the current iPhone. However, an autofocus feature using the LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) sensor is seen in the settings.

Launched on the iPad Pro 2020, LiDAR also has applications for augmented reality (AR). In the new iPhone, the sensor is supposed to be used in videos and in night photography mode. It was unclear whether the sensor would also be available on other models in the iPhone 12 line.

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The iPhone 12 Pro Max should also support 4K video recording at 120 FPS, or 4K slow motion at 240 FPS. In the other features, it is possible to notice ‘improvements in the night mode’, an ‘advanced noise softener’ and others.


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