IPhone 12 Pro made from a spaceship


The rumor emerged a few months ago: the new iPhone was going to miss its usual September presentation and launch date due to the Coronavirus, and the delays caused in the Chinese manufacturing and assembly plants. And at the beginning of August, Apple confirmed it definitively: “Last year we started selling the new iPhones at the end of September. This year, we project that the supply will be available a few weeks later. “

iPhone 12 Pro Mars Edition

Expert in wrapping the latest market trends in luxury and decadence, Caviar already surprised us in July 2017 with what must be the most expensive Fidget Spinner in history, made of pure gold and valued at one million rubles, about 14,500 euros. To the change. And thinking of those millionaires from Eastern Europe who throw money away, how could it be otherwise, Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were his target with versions made with high jewelry materials such as black Onyx and gold or blue diamonds.

The Russian firm is akin to Elon Musk, considered a real Tony Stark and owner of companies such as Tesla vehicles or the SpaceX firm, whose rockets have turned out to be so revolutionary and efficient – basically they are not lost or destroyed, but after to make a spacecraft take off, they return and land in the same place – which NASA is already using in its flights.

In 2018, Caviar dedicated him a Tesla iPhone that had a solar charger; in 2019 they customized a version of the iPhone 11 Pro using the design of Tesla’s Cybertruck. And this year, Mars is playing with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Musk be on Mars.

An iPhone 12 made from a piece of a spaceship

And it is that after seeing an iPad made with a real dinosaurs bone and an iPhone with a real meteorite stone, we are not much surprised by this “Martian” edition of the iPhone 12 Pro, which by the way has not even come out yet. Yes, many things have been leaked, but until it is official, nothing, although that does not prevent Caviar from selling you already its iPhone 12 Musk be on Mars, or also the Pro Max edition and the option of internal storage of 128, 256 or 512GB, at a price of $ 4,990 (4,211 euros) if you choose the iPhone 12, or $ 5,450 (€ 4,600) for the Pro Max.

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But what the hell do these terminals have to be worth the same as if you buy 4 units of the future iPhone 12? The materials, of course, because these iPhones are made with a titanium body, the same alloy used at SpaceX, and come with a custom back panel in homage to Musk and SpaceX’s feat on his first trip with NASA, stating the slogan with the pun ‘Musk be on Mars’.

The jewel in the crown of this edition is that in the really nice rear relief – made by laser – of the launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon there is a real fragment of the real ship that was launched, integrated right in the area where the rocket is launched. to space. Thus, you can presume that you have a mobile made of titanium and with a piece of a real spaceship. Or rather you could, because the 12 copies put in reserve seem to have been exhausted, since the Caviar website does not allow us to access the list of models.


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