iPhone 12 Pro is open to pre order with its special design!


iPhones are available in different designs. IPhone 12 was added to these models, which were recorded as a special design. Specially designed iPhone 12 Pro draws attention with its wooden design. Normally, we encountered more flashy and stone models. Now, iPhone 12 calls out to nostalgia lovers. This iPhone 12 comes with an Apple I placed on the back.

Special design iPhone 12 Pro

The design in question comes from the Caviar we know with its extraordinary iPhone designs. iPhone 12s come in two different versions. For this iPhone 12 Pro, which looks much less flashy but quite different, you have to pay around $ 9,900. This initial price is up to $ 11,150 if you choose the model that offers 512 GB of storage space.

We can say that this iPhone 12 model with wooden details appeals to Apple fans and people who actually chase special collections. Because the only difference of this phone from the normal model is its design. There is no difference in terms of features. The iPhone 12 Pro, which is completely free of glass design at the back, is embedded in this back panel and consists of Apple I, the first computer Apple produced in 1976. It looks like a titanium plate and a motherboard resembling a monitor and keyboard.

Özel tasarım iPhone 12 Pro

In addition, for those who think that the design is too much, there is also an option, which is made entirely of wood on the back and has a wood-engraved Apple script. The other version, called Light, has a price of $ 4 thousand 990.

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This special series phone was produced in only 9 units and another reason why it was sold to such high numbers is the Apple I motherboard part. Apple I, which has been produced in total of 200 units, is very valuable for now. For this reason, the special production iPhone 12 Pro is also becoming so expensive.

The phone is on pre-order.


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